My arms were going numb, falling asleep. I had been to several doctors who said it would get worse and it was related to carpal tunnel syndrome. They gave me goofy braces to sleep in and exercises to do. It did not help.

I went to Dr. Ball to see if he could do anything as it had gotten worse as they said it would.

In just one treatment, my arms were not going to sleep like they were. In a few treatments, it has become rare. I’m amazed.

A side effect has been that my blood pressure has decreased by over 20 points on both numbers. I’m completely off of medication for blood pressure and have done nothing new except go see Dr. Ball.

Treatment is expensive but worth every penny. Sideeffects of not getting treatment make the cost feel like an investment in my quality of life.

I’m amazed at how much better things are for me in just one month of treatments.

Debra H.

Dr. Ball’s Story


Dr. Ball, as a child, witnessed patients limping into his father’s chiropractic office and then walking out bragging about how much better they felt after chiropractic treatments. The chiropractic lifestyle was attractive: chiropractic first, drugs and surgery last.